Growing up best friends,Rob and Greg have always loved backyard grilling. Both love to experiment with flavors and throughout 35 years they have compiled a collection of recipes for grilling. 15 years ago after much trial and error, they developed the perfect grilling sauce which is now called Silverback Gorill'n Sauce. While they might not agree on who's the best cook, they do agree that together, they've created a sauce that even the most discriminating foodie will love! Their sauce is different because it isn't a BBQ sauce, though it can be used as that. It's more of a glaze, but try it as a marinade, or a topper for Rib Eye or Trip-Tip, or even as a dipping sauce! Because the sauce is so unique YOU, the cook, can put your imagination to work. Use your jar of Silverback Gorill'n sauce on chicken, burgers, pork, use it in or on meatloaf, stir it into a pot of beans, use it in spaghetti sauce, and, by all means, impress your friends with amazing sliders. This sauce is Fantastic! You're gonna love it!


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